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Brought to you by the Kentucky Grape and Wine Council and the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, Drink KY is the go-to app for enthusiasts of Kentucky’s local wineries and breweries. Drink KY is the most helpful tool that gives you everything you need (besides the glass) to enjoy, explore and experience Kentucky’s vibrant, fast-growing wine and craft-beer scene in one, convenient location. It’s the app you’ve been thirsting for!

Rows of grapes at a vineyard at dusk
Drink KY displays over 70 Kentucky wineries and more than 50 Kentucky craft breweries in map or list view. A filtering capability allows you to view the exact locations you want and toggle between wineries or breweries.
Once you select a winery or brewery, Drink KY provides the address, directions, hours of operation and other valuable information to help you plan your tour.
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The interactive map allows you to chart and complete your own unique wine/beer trail.
With automatic passport location verification, there’s no need to enter a winery or brewery code, plus you’ll automatically be notified when you’re eligible for a prize!
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How the wine and beer rewards work

As if that’s not enough to make Drink KY your favorite new travel buddy, you can earn rewards simply by checking in when you visit Kentucky’s wineries and breweries. Interested? Keep reading to learn more about what you get for check-ins. The magic number is 20, and the more you visit, the more you win!

Oh, and passport stamps don’t expire, so if you don’t live in Kentucky, earn prizes over several visits to our beautiful state. To receive a special Kentucky Wine gift, all you have to do is check in for 20 visits to Kentucky wineries.

Check in 40 times, and we’ll send you a second gift!

And if you’re able to accumulate 60 check-ins to Kentucky wineries, we’ll send you yet another gift as a token of appreciation for being a truly dedicated Kentucky wine enthusiast.

What’s cooler than that? You get another set of reward tiers for your Kentucky craft brewery check-ins. Rack up 20 brewery check-ins for your first gift, 40 for your next one and 60 for your third prize!

Have a favorite winery or craft brewery in Kentucky? Maybe your local watering hole for a quick beer after work or a nearby tasting room where you and your friends love to meet and taste the latest vintage? You can check in to a location each time you visit, and each visit will count toward your reward goals.

Once you’ve reached 60 winery or brewery check-ins, you can officially claim the title of Kentucky Craft Beverage King (or Queen). Currently, rewards max out at 60 check-ins for both wineries and breweries, but check back often to find new promotions and ways to connect. Also, there’s nothing to stop you from continuing to log your check-ins as you explore Kentucky’s craft scene and chart your journeys across the Commonwealth.

We hope these rewards make your visits a bit sweeter, but the real gift is the great times we’re sure you’ll experience and all the cool people you’ll meet while visiting our great tasting and taprooms across Kentucky.

Have a question or comment? Please feel free to reach out at any time. We’d love to hear from you.

Let’s Get Started

You get one passport stamp toward your first reward for simply completing your Drink KY profile, so go ahead and get that profile done and you’re well on your way! And that’s not the only benefit to creating your own Drink KY profile. Once you’re logged in, you can track your visits, see how close you are to reaching your next rewards level, and store notes and reviews to help you remember your favorite Kentucky wineries and breweries.

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