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Chart your journeys, plan your weekend adventures, track your favorite experiences and earn rewards just for visiting local wineries and breweries. Drink KY is your personal guide and, dare we say, invaluable resource to Kentucky’s wineries and craft breweries.

Kentucky may be best known for making the world’s greatest whiskies, but the Commonwealth has far more to offer than just bourbon. And while milk may be the official state drink of Kentucky (didn’t see that coming, did you?), the wine and craft-beer scenes are thriving.

With more than 70 local wineries and nearly as many breweries across the state of Kentucky, there are endless experiences to enjoy and tasty tipples to try (responsibly, of course). Drink KY has provided location views and filter options to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. Use the Save feature to create a list of the wineries and breweries that you want to visit and catalog your favorite locations.

Find local Kentucky wineries and breweries

This handy little app is here to help as you explore nearby wineries and breweries across the Commonwealth! New to town and want to try a brew near you? Just search by location. Fancy yourself an aficionado with a palate to challenge Dionysus? Find a local winery fit for the gods…but open to mere mortals.

If you’ve spent any time visiting wineries or breweries, you know that each one is unique and a bit different. The look, the feel and the overall ambiance of one winery or brewery compared to the next is often quite distinct. Not to mention, the array and types of products served and general amenities offered:

  • Live music
  • Kid or pet friendly
  • Locations that offer private parties or weddings
  • RV parking
  • Food options
  • Lodging
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All listings provide descriptions, contact information and links to websites and social media pages as well as directions. We make every effort to regularly update the listings and provide current information, but location hours often vary by season. Please check with wineries and breweries before you visit.

Whether you’re popping in to your local spot for a quick pint, planning a romantic getaway with your plus-one or plotting a trail with a group of friends, keep track of all your visits and more with Drink KY as your constant companion. Of course, we ask that you always drink responsibly and never drink and drive. Cheers!

Learn more about KY wine & beer

In a state just as famous for multimillion-dollar race horses as fast-food fried chicken, it should come as no surprise that Kentucky’s wineries and breweries are as diverse and varied as the people who make up this great Commonwealth.

In Kentucky there are wines as sweet as Southern iced tea and as dry as British humor, traditional grape wines as well as wines made from all sorts of fruit, even a vegetable or two (jalapeño wine, anyone?). Find a hazy New England IPA or a crisp Mexican-style lager. From Concord to Cabernet Franc and pilsners to stouts, if you like wine and (or) beer, you’ll find it all in Kentucky. Drink KY is here to help you along the way to enjoy, explore and experience Kentucky’s vibrant, fast-growing wine and craft-beer scene. Read more about Kentucky’s wineries and breweries.

Fun fact

Meaderies (honey wine) and cideries operate under a Small Farm Winery license in Kentucky as fermented beverages. However, cideries typically also maintain a Craft Brewery license so they can produce “weak cider,” which is cider with under 7% alcohol. “Weak cider” is legally treated as a malt beverage in Kentucky and can be sold at retail establishments where malt beverages are sold.

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And what’s better than a free awesome guide with great information that selflessly helps you plan, navigate and keep track of all your visits to Kentucky’s incredible wineries and breweries?

Earning rewards. Yep, you read that right. You can earn rewards simply by visiting Kentucky’s wineries and breweries…which, let’s be honest, you were going to do anyways. It’s just a little icing on the cake to let you know that we appreciate you. Start earning rewards now.

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